Custom Brite-Lite Skylights
Special Features

    • The Brite-Lite skylights have flashing to suit all roof types – Tile, Slate, Corrugated Iron and Metal Deck Roofs
    • Flexible Ducting is light weight and its highly reflective light shaft is so designed that it can be installed easily even where there are obstructions Structural, Electrical or Plumbing obstructions
    • Installation is easy and saves on time and costs. Can be put in place without the need for technicians or any special tools.
    • The Brite-Lite skylights unique light ‘well’ gives you all the benefits of a tubular skylight with the added advantage of a square or circular ceiling surround – producing a greater spread of light.This is just another reason why Custom Skylights are the leaders in skylight technology

Base can be made of zinc, galvanised iron or in any of the Colour Bond colours.


Glazing is clear for maximum light, with only the highest quality acrylic sheets being used


Shaft is made from polyester film and highly reflective aluminium metal which is UV stabilised

brite lite 1

Custom built sizes are also available

BLS 400 circular
BLS 500 circular
For more details on our advanced skylights and Custom Hi-flex skylights call (03) 9761 1281.