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Velux Fixed Skylights


The FS Fixed Skylight is perfect for visually expanding any area of the home by transforming rooms with daylight and views of the sky.

It provides an economical alternative for creating a spacious home filled with abundant daylight.




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Product Features

  • White painted interior wood frame and sash.
  • Outer aluminium cappings (grey).
  • Smooth, low profile sits lower in the roof, does not obstruct the roofline.Choice of 9 sizes.
  • High Performance glazing (with NEAT™ coating: reduces cleaning frequency) 
  • Complete with flashings for corrugated iron or tile roofs.
  • Available in 9 sizes
  • Approx 80% Heat Block

Flashing: Our multi-purpose flashing is suitable for both tile and corrugated iron roofs. As some clients and tradespeople prefer to use their own pre-made flashing, we do not include this in our prices. This is optional but is generally required.

High Performance Double Glazing


  • Laminated inner panes for added safety.
  • Outer pane of toughened safety glass.
  • Low-E3. coating maximises Light Transmittance/reduces Solar Heat Gain.
  • Argon filled cavity together with Low-E3. coating increases thermal performance by reducing approx 75% of heat flow through the pane.
  • NEAT™ Coating on outer pane reduces cleaning frequency.
  • Warm edge technology increases energy efficiency.


  • Radiant heat block: Complete window approx 80% Glass only approx 75%
  • UV Harmful rays block approx 99%
  • Noise reduction factor‡ 32 decibels
  • WERS rating 5 stars
  • Double layer of Low-E3. coating.
  • 10-year warranty on insulated glass seal.
  • Reduced cleaning frequency.

Australian Standard AS1288 – Laminated glass (2004) must be used for skylights installed 3m or more above floor level.