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Enhance your home or workplace with natural daylight!


Custom Skylights are the premier manufacturer of custom made skylights in Melbourne. Our innovative skylight designs are available in both standard sizes and custom-made sizes offering solutions for various applications, including skylights for bush fire prone areas and skylights that flex around roof obstructions.

Our skylights are designed to suit all roof types, from tile to corrugated iron and metal deck roofs.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of custom roof hatches for easy access and security.

We also supply Ampelite SuperFlow ventilators that removes hot or moisture laden air from roof cavities and replaces it with fresh outside air to greatly improve the interior comfort of your home.

Whether it’s residential homes, offices, or factories, our experienced team delivers unmatched skylight installation service.

Experience the difference with Custom Skylights, the leaders in skylight design and installation.

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The Benefits of Skylights


Bringing more natural light into the home or workspace can dramatically up the wow factor in any room!

Plus, exposure to natural light rather than artificial light has a wide array of health benefits too!

Brightening and lightening any home or workplace is quite literally bringing in a breath of fresh air.

Reduced energy costs
Enjoy natural light
Natural views
Mood improvements
Easily customised
Low maintenance

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Custom Skylights

Let us show you how a Custom Skylight can create your own natural clean and absolutely free light enhancing even the darkest room to create the feeling of space. Custom Skylights has been manufacturing natural lighting solutions for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our uncompromising standard of quality and service.

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