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Custom Polycarbonate Thermal Glazer Skylights

Special Features


  • Thermal insulation results in substantial energy savings in air-conditioned and heated buildings.
  • Impact resistance of polycarbonate flat sheet is 250 times greater than float glass and 30 times that of acrylic materials.
  • Low Profile.
  • Double or triple glazed.
  • UV-stabilised polycarbonate.
  • Excellent fire hazard properties.
  • UV-stabilised polycarbonate for long-term weather ability.
  • Filters out 99.9% of ultra-violet light.



Base available to suit tile, decking and corrugated iron roof and can be made of zinc, galvanised iron or in any of the colour bond colours.


Installation can be done by us or we’ll supply the unit only.

Fire Ratings: AS1530.3/1999

Polycarbonate sheets have been tested in accordance with the Australian Standard 1530.3/1999. The test is standard for checking fire hazard properties of materials and covers four categories.

Load Tests: ASINZS: 1562.3/1996

Polycarbonate sheets have been tested in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS: 1562.3/1996.

Custom Polycarbonate<br />
Thermal Glazer Skylights
Custom Polycarbonate<br />
Thermal Glazer Skylights

Standard Sizes Square:

CFR 400 x 400
CFR 500 x 500
CFR 600 x 600
CFR 800 x 800
CFR 900 x 900

Standard Sizes Rectangle:

CFR 500 x 800
CFR 600 x 800
CFR 500 x 1100
CFR 600 x 1100
CFR 800 x 1100

Custom built sizes are also available

Fire Ratings: AS1530.3/1999


Test Index and Results

Ignitability Test Index (0 – 20) Result = 0
Spread of Flame Test Index (0 – 10) Result = 0
Heat Evolved Test Index (0 – 10) Result = 0
Smoke Developed Test Index (0 – 10) Result = 3


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