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Skylight Blinds & Accessories

Pleated Skylight Blinds

Pleated Skylight blinds have many inherent advantages covering both functionality and aesthetics. Primarily it reduces direct sunlight from filtering into the room. This prevents fading of carpets and pillows and reduces heating and cooling utility bills. It also helps to cut down external noises and ensures greater privacy for the occupants.


Replacement Domes

Old skylights can be damaged in a variety of ways, sever weather, hail damage, crack or worn skylights. Custom skylights are leading manufacturer of skylight domes, no matter what brand or size, custom skylights can mould a replacement to suit.

Our replacement skylight domes come in acrylic or polycarbonate and in a range of colours including, opal, grey tint and clear.


Custom Circular Skylights

Custom circular skylights provide natural gently diffused light through clear tinted or opal glazing.

At Custom Skylights we have the engineering capabilities to custom manufacture in a range of sizes to suit your specific requirements.


Skylight Flexi-Duct

Skylight duct is manufactured with and ultra-reflective inner surface, which transfers maximum levels of light from the roof dome to the room.

The duct can be configured in round, square and rectangular shapes and different sizes to suit individual customer needs.


Heat Shield

A heat shield sits at the top of the shaft and is made of twinwall polycarbonate and acts as a barrier to stop the sun’s rays from entering the shaft and heating the room.

It also blocks 99.9% of UV rays.



Clear prismatic (unvented) diffusers consist of a myriad of clear prisms that diffuse the light evenly over a wide area.



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Custom Skylights

Let us show you how a Custom Skylight can create your own natural clean and absolutely free light enhancing even the darkest room to create the feeling of space. Custom Skylights has been manufacturing natural lighting solutions for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our uncompromising standard of quality and service.

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