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Velux Flat Roof Skylights


The brilliantly simple flat roof skylight incorporates the Velux High-performance laminated glazing unit and an all-metal exterior frame.

The smooth exterior gives not only a lower profile on the roof, but also provides a “cool” daylighting solution by effectively blocking heat build up and UV rays.

Available in: Fixed, Manual Opening and Opening Solar Powered.




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Product Features

  • Laminated glass will not fade or discolour over time – unlike acrylic or polycarbonate.
  • Available in up to 10 sizes
  • Maintenance-free anodized heavy-gauge aluminium frame withstands the extremes of the Australian climate.
  • Versatile product that can be used on roofs between 0-60° in pitch*
  • Can be used in portrait, landscape or even “diamond shape” orientation**
  • High Performance double glazing as standard – blocks approx 70% of radiant heat and gives 99% protection from UV rays
  • 10 year guarantee.
  • NEAT™ coating on outer pane reduces cleaning frequency.

*Velux recommends FCM to be installed with a minimum pitch of 3°-5° to help prevent condensation build-up and water pooling on the glass.
** FCM 2270 not recommended for “landscape” orientation.
*** Operating Rod (ZCT, ZOZ 032) for VCM out-of reach operation and winder handle (ZZZ 212) for with-in reach operation to be purchased separately.

High Performance Double Glazing


  • Laminated inner panes for added safety.
  • Outer pane of toughened safety glass.
  • Low-E3. coating maximises Light Transmittance/reduces Solar Heat Gain.
  • Argon filled cavity together with Low-E3. coating increases thermal performance by reducing approx 75% of heat flow through the pane.
  • NEAT™ Coating on outer pane reduces cleaning frequency.
  • Warm edge technology increases energy efficiency.


  • Radiant heat block: Complete window approx 80% Glass only approx 75%
  • UV Harmful rays block approx 99%
  • Noise reduction factor‡ 32 decibels
  • WERS rating 5 stars
  • Double layer of Low-E3. coating.
  • 10-year warranty on insulated glass seal.
  • Reduced cleaning frequency.

Australian Standard AS1288 – Laminated glass (2004) must be used for skylights installed 3m or more above floor level.