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Custom Skylights are the premier manufacturer of custom made skylights in Melbourne.  Our innovative skylight designs are available in both standard sizes and custom-made sizes offering solutions for various applications, including skylights for bush fire prone areas and skylights that flex around roof obstructions.

Our skylights are designed to suit all roof types, from tile and slate to corrugated iron and metal deck roofs.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of custom roof hatches for easy access and security.

We also supply Ampelite SuperFlow ventilators that removes  hot or moisture laden air from roof cavities and replaces it with fresh outside air to greatly improve the interior comfort of your home.

Whether it’s residential homes, offices, or factories, our experienced team delivers unmatched skylight installation service.

Experience the difference with Custom Skylights, the leaders in skylight design and installation.

Custom Skylights Product Range

Custom Polycarbonate Thermal Glazer Skylights

Thermal-Glazer-Skylights Thermal Glazer Skylights

Thermal insulation results in substantial energy savings in air-conditioned and heated buildings.

Custom Fire Rater

Skylights-for-Bush-Fire-Prone-Areas Custom Fire Rater Skylights

Fire rated glass skylights can provide a non-combustible barrier in the event of a fire especially in bush fire prone areas.

Custom Hi-Flex

Custom-Hi-Flex-Skylights Hi-Flex Skylights

Hi-Flex enables you to flex around roof obstructions with quick and easy installation.

Custom Brite-Lite

Custom-Skylights-Brite-Lite Brite-Lite Skylights

Brite-Lite skylights gives you the benefits of a tubular skylight with the advantage of a square or circular ceiling surround.

Custom Access Hatch

Custom Access Hatch Custom Access Hatch

Custom Skylights all metal Access Hatch has internal locking for complete security.

Custom Dome Hatch

Secure-Custom-Dome-Hatch Custom Dome Hatch

Custom Skylights Dome Hatch has internal locking with a strong toggle catch for complete security.

Custom Securedome

Custom-Securedome-Skylight Custom Securedome Skylights

Securadome for high security. The security grill can be seen from the roof to deny entry through the skylight.

Amperlite Ventilators

Openable-Skylights Amperlite Ventilators

The SuperFlow ventilator system removes super hot or moisture laden air from roof cavities.


Standard Square and Rectangular  Sizes Available
Plus, Custom Made Sizes Made to Order

Frequently Asked Skylight Questions

Do you do skylight repairs?

At Custom Skylights, not only do we supply, sell and install skylights, but we also offer skylight repairs including a full range of skylight parts that have been damaged. We can also offer an installation service to remove broken parts and install new skylight parts.

We believe with skylight repairs we provide top-quality services at reasonable prices.

What’s the cost to repair a skylight?

The cost to repair a skylight will depend upon several factors including the extent of the damage to the skylight. For example, if your skylight only requires resealing, it won’t cost you as much as replacing the skylight or just the skylight glazing.

Other factors such as the type of roof (tile/metal roof), the roof pitch, and the brand and style (e.g. clear / opal / openable etc.) of the skylight requiring repair, may also increase the price. That is why it is crucial to contact experts in repairing skylights in Melbourne or Geelong such as Custom Skylights.

We can assess the skylight damage and advise on the repair costs or the best alternative options.

Do you offer a skylight Installation service?

Yes, we install skylights! With years of experience and quality products like Velux and Illume skylights, we are Melbourne’s skylight installation experts. For a flawless skylight installation experience, we deliver exceptional results.

What about replacing a skylight dome?

A broken or cracked skylight dome can be both an annoyance and a risk to your home as water leaks can cause damage that is costly to repair.

Replacing a skylight dome can sometimes be problematic because there are many skylight manufacturers, that use a variety of dome sizes, flashings and fixing mechanisms. To get the job done right, Custom Skylights can measure, order and replace your damaged skylight dome with a new one.

Our skylight dome replacement services are competitively priced without compromising on the quality of work.


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Custom Skylights

Let us show you how a Custom Skylight can create your own natural clean and absolutely free light enhancing even the darkest room to create the feeling of space. Custom Skylights has been manufacturing natural lighting solutions for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our uncompromising standard of quality and service.

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