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Custom Dome Hatch

Special Features


  • Vented, non-vented models (when hatch is closed).
  • Lets in natural light and access to rooftop if required.
  • Gas struts for ease of opening.
  • Base available to suit tile, decking and corrugated iron roof.
  • Ease of installation.

Custom Skylights Dome Hatch has internal locking with a strong toggle catch for complete security. It is ideal for commercial and domestic applications where access to the roof is required. They are available in a range of sizes.


Base can be made of zinc, galvanised iron or in any of the Colour Bond colours.

Gas Struts

A gas strut controls opening and closing of the lid and helps to dampen the action.


Full 50mm piano hinge for extra strength.


All lids are insulated to limit heat and rain drumming.


Glazing is available in clear, opal or tint. Best quality acrylic sheets are only used.


Installation can be done by us or the unit can be supplied only.


Custom Skylights comply with Australian Standards AS4285. Design performance has been verified by N.A.T.A. accredited testing laboratory


Standard Sizes Square:

CDH 500 x 500
CDH 600 x 600
CDH 800 x 800
CDH 900 x 900
CDH 1000 x 1000

Standard Sizes Rectangle:

CDH 500 x 800
CDH 500 x 1100
CDH 600 x 800
CDH 600 x 1100
CDH 800 x 1100

Custom built sizes are also available


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Custom Skylights

Let us show you how a Custom Skylight can create your own natural clean and absolutely free light enhancing even the darkest room to create the feeling of space. Custom Skylights has been manufacturing natural lighting solutions for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our uncompromising standard of quality and service.

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