Custom Hi-Flex Skylights
Special Features

  • Hi-Flex enables you to flex around roof obstructions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Base available to suit tile, decking and corrugated iron roof
  • Low cost installation
  • Can be easily installed by the typical DIY type of people without use of any special tools.

The Hi-Flex skylight is so designed that costly and tedious skylight shaft construction is a thing of the past. With Custom Skylights Hi-Flex Skylight, installation is both quick and easy. The flexible shaft can flex around roof obstructions such as pipes and beams and adjusts automatically to roof pitches and ceiling heights. The mirror like interior finish reflects far greater light than standard light shafts.


Base can be made of zinc, galvanised iron or in any of the Colour Bond colours.


Glazing is available in clear, opal or tint. Only the highest quality acrylic sheets are used


Shaft is made from polyester film or highly reflective aluminium metal which is UV stabilised.


Custom Skylights comply with Australian Standards AS4285. Design performance has been verified by N.A.T.A. accredited testing laboratory.



Custom built sizes are also available

HFS 400 x 400 HFS 400 x 700
HFS 500 x 500 HFS 400 x 1000
HFS 600 x 600 HFS 500 x 800
HFS 800 x 800 HFS 500 x 1100
HFS 900 x 900 HFS 600 x 800
HSF 600 x 1200
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