Custom Access Hatch
Special Features

  • Double insulated top
  • Up to 90° access through top
  • Gas struts for ease of opening
  • Base available to suit tile, decking and corrugated iron roof
  • Excellent durability

Custom Skylights all metal Access Hatch has internal locking for complete security with a strong toggle catch. It is ideal for commercial and domestic applications, where access to the roof is required. They come in a variety of sizes.


– Base can be made of zinc, galvanised iron or in any of the Colour Bond colours.


– A gas strut controls opening and closing of the lid and helps to dampen the action.


– Installation can be done through us or the unit can be supplied only.


– Full 50mm piano hinge for extra strength


– All lids are insulated to limit heat and rain drumming

STANDARD SIZES – Custom built sizes are also available

AMH 500 x 500 AMH 500 x 800
AMH 600 x 600 AMH 500 x 1100
AMH 800 x 800 AMH 600 x 800
AMH 900 x 900 AMH 600 x 1100
AMH 1000 x 1000 AMH 800 x 1100
For more details on our advanced skylights or Custom Securadome call (03) 9761 1281.