Illume Skylights

Illume skylights has a few unique features. It works in all rooms irrespective of the level and can automatically adjust light output to match external conditions. This is a world first technology and results in a seamless blend between internal and external lighting. We call it ambient light technology.
What are the Advantages of Installing Advanced Skylights –

  • No complex installation process. A simple DIY task
  • There is no solar tube and hence no UV emissions or leaks
  • It is a sealed unit. No dead insects inside
  • No heat transfer and by default no carbon footprint
  • Soundless operation
  • Economical – no high utility bills
  • Can be set up in multi storeyed buildings.



How is Illume skylights different from conventional skylights?

Illume skylights can be installed at any level and any room in a building. Its main advantage is that it matches outside light conditions and sets it up inside. It might be a cloudy day or a sunny one, Illume skylights will automatically match external conditions with that inside. What is more, this unique lighting environment can be set up in the basement too.

The advantage here is that getting the feel of natural light inside is not dependant on access to the roof or areas that let in outside light. Creating the correct ambience of the outdoors inside a home automatically is the hallmark of Illume skylight. Builders taking up renovation or extension projects need no longer bother with ways to open up the interiors to the external environment. Mere installation of Illume will solve the issue.

Illume is an environmentally safe product without any form of heat transfer, solar tubes and UV emissions. The net result is that there is no carbon footprint and the interiors are safe and pollution free.
Installing the Illume system is easy without the need for specialised tools or a professional installer. It’s a simple task for the DIY inclined person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to run a number of light panels from the same source?
A. No, all the components are matched set wise. They are the solar collector, electronic module and light panel.
Q. Can the cable be cut or extended?
A. No. The length of the cable is coordinated with the panel system. Shortening or extending it will damage the Illume system.
Q. Where should the solar panel be ideally installed?
A. For best results, the solar panel should be facing north so as to harvest maximum sunlight.
Q. Can the Illume system be switched off?
A. Not in our present models. However we plan to add this feature to our future versions.
Q. Is there a battery backup for Illume system?
A. No. Illume ambient technology replicates the availability of external light and offers the same quantum of daytime light inside as a conventional skylight. Hence there is no need of a battery back-up. However, our future models might have this feature.
Q, Will I have to call in an electrician to install Illume?
A, Installation of Illume is a simple DIY task. It requires no special tools. Hence a tradesman is not required for this purpose.
Q. Is it difficult to attach the solar collector to the roof?
A. The collector has four straps which can be easily attached to the bolts on the deck of a metal roof or to roof rafters below tiles in others.
Q. Can multiple Illume panels work off a single solar collector especially in commercial establishments?
A. A commercial grade Illume system can be customised for specific requirements.
Q. Can an Illume skylight be installed flush with or recessed into the ceiling?
A. Yes. An Illume skylight can be installed to duplicate the looks of a conventional skylight provided there is sufficient overhead clearance for it.