The Benefits of Installing Skylights


Skylights are not just an aesthetically pleasing lighting solution; they also provide any space with a range of other benefits. No longer are skylights just the choice of a savvy interior designer or builder, homeowners and DIY developers are also discovering the range of benefits for any user.

Natural Light

Skylights provide access to daylight, regardless of the space, with all the benefits associated with natural lighting. With a positive impact on general health, vision, productivity and alertness it is no wonder that many professional and educational organisations are choosing to install a skylight. Not only is natural light touted by designers as more aesthetically pleasing than artificial lighting, but research also demonstrates several advanced health benefits. They also encourage visual and mental stimulation which is important in regulating human circulation rhythm and important body systems.


Skylights can also provide solutions for wind-driven ventilations within building designs and are particularly effective when combined with an another opening on the other side of the building. Designers who add these elements into the building plans understand that the combined wind pressure difference and two openings create a path for air to circulate through the building. Typically called ‘cross ventilation’ this technique is particularly effective on high ceilings and tall, multiple-story buildings allowing easy ventilation through this method.

Energy Savings

Skylights also provide a financial benefit with buildings utilising natural light gaining significant energy savings. Skylights are directly positioned to let in as much daylight as possible, which enables them to let in up to twice the amount of daylight as vertical windows. For central rooms of a house, which are often the darkest this means light switches can stay off all day, creating considerable energy savings.

Skylights also create more effective heating solutions, allowing warmer winter sunlight through in colder months and releasing the heat in the summer. This creates substantial energy savings on heating or cooling and maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature year around.

Skylights can transform the interior living space offering tangible connections between the outdoors and indoor living space. For custom made skylights, designed specifically for your interior space and unique needs, contact Custom Skylights for more information about tailored solutions.