The Benefits of Installing Skylights

Skylights are not just an aesthetically pleasing lighting solution; they also provide any space with a range of other benefits. No longer are skylights just the choice of a savvy interior designer or builder, homeowners and DIY developers are also discovering the range of benefits for any user.

Natural Light

Skylights provide access to daylight, regardless of the space, with all the benefits associated with natural lighting. With a positive impact on general health, vision, productivity and alertness it is no wonder that many professional and educational organisations are choosing to install a skylight. Not only is natural light touted by designers as more aesthetically pleasing than artificial lighting, but research also demonstrates several advanced health benefits. They also encourage visual and mental stimulation which is important in regulating human circulation rhythm and important body systems.


Skylights can also provide solutions for wind-driven ventilations within building designs and are particularly effective when combined with an another opening on the other side of the building. Designers who add these elements into the building plans understand that the combined wind pressure difference and two openings create a path for air to circulate through the building. Typically called ‘cross ventilation’ this technique is particularly effective on high ceilings and tall, multiple-story buildings allowing easy ventilation through this method.

Energy Savings

Skylights also provide a financial benefit with buildings utilising natural light gaining significant energy savings. Skylights are directly positioned to let in as much daylight as possible, which enables them to let in up to twice the amount of daylight as vertical windows. For central rooms of a house, which are often the darkest this means light switches can stay off all day, creating considerable energy savings.

Skylights also create more effective heating solutions, allowing warmer winter sunlight through in colder months and releasing the heat in the summer. This creates substantial energy savings on heating or cooling and maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature year around.

Skylights can transform the interior living space offering tangible connections between the outdoors and indoor living space. For custom made skylights, designed specifically for your interior space and unique needs, contact Custom Skylights for more information about tailored solutions.


3 Reasons to Choose Illume

While the benefits of installing skylights are well known, sometimes despite all attempts at custom designs, a property simply does not cooperate. Maybe the building has multiple levels, and a traditional skylight will only work for the top level. Maybe you are restricted by previous installations or space constraints. An Illume system provides homeowners with the flexibility to experience the benefits of a traditional skylight regardless of the room or floor level.

Ambient light regardless of building level.

Illume skylights are unique in that they work in multi-story buildings. Through a transfer cable, a room can receive ambient lighting which creates a seamless blend between exterior and interior lighting. Not depended on a rigid shaft to transmit the natural light, the skylight creates unique lighting situations irrespective of the building level. Using this advanced technology, basements and other enclosed spaces can also experience the unique lighting environment.

Sealed Units with simple installation.

The nature of the Illume structure means that it is a completely sealed unit. There will never be dead insects inside, and they do not accumulate dust inside, unlike traditional units. With no complex installation procedure, the Illume are easily installed as a DIY job. The installation does not require any specialised tools or professional liner; in fact, anyone can install one.


Illume is an economical alternative to traditional lighting systems. By using ambient light, homeowners can easily reduce their utility bills. With no heat transfer, the entire technology maintains a zero-carbon footprint. Without a solar tube and no UV emissions or leaks, all interior spaces are kept safe and pollution free.

If you are building or renovating and cannot fit in a traditional skylight, consider fitting an Illume system. The same harmonious aesthetic of natural light provided by traditional skylight can also be adapted for your new interior space.
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Transform your room with the beauty of skylights

Are you looking to add a focal point to your interior space? Custom made skylights can add glamour and style to any room. With a custom design, a skylight converting previously enclosed spaces adding both natural light and a modern, luxurious element.

Skylights complete your space

Skylights by their very nature provide natural lighting into any space, illuminating enclosed rooms and areas that do not receive enough daylight from traditional windows. Regardless of your interior tastes, skylights can complete a room and add an instant upgrade to your house’s value. A perfect blend of style and relaxation, skylights let in natural light during the day and provide a clear view of the evening sky at night, all from the comfort of your own space.

Access to natural daylight has many benefits, from positively impacting general health to increasing productivity and cognitive performance. With skylights providing immediate access to beneficial daylight, why wouldn’t you want one?

Make your home uniquely yours

Traditional skylights can work very well for most homes. However, a custom made skylight can transform your interior space. Not only does the skylight illuminate the entire room, but with stylish personalised designs, your room will truly capture an audience.

A customised skylight enables you to tailor the lighting and designs to your space while reinforcing your personal design tastes. With your skylight tailored for your specific rooms, the next time you entertain you will captivate your guests through the view of the evening sky. Even rainy days are transformed, allowing an audience below to be mesmerised by the raindrops while staying in the comfort of indoors.

With the additional benefits of being a more economical and eco-friendly alternative to artificial lighting, consider how a custom made skylight could fit into your home. Do you have a room that is too dark or are you simply wishing to promote a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle? Contact us today at Custom Skylights for a quote.


The Benefits of Illume Skylight over Traditional Skylight

An illume skylight has a number of advantages over traditional skylights and is the reason why it is the much preferred option for the modern homeowner or any commercial establishment.

The first is that it can be fitted almost anywhere to lighten up dark areas. Entrances, hallways pantries, garage, washrooms and restrooms are ideal for installing this type of skylight. It is especially useful in basements where replication of outdoor light livens up the ambience. Illume is available in both roof and wall mounted versions. The style of the roof is not a factor as the external solar panels can be fixed to both the tiled and metalled surfaces. Hence, it is good for both domestic and commercial applications, especially in factories where simulating external lighting eliminates the feeling of working for hours together in a confined environment. There is also no elaborate installing procedures and anybody with a few basic tools can set it up quickly.

The principle behind an illume skylight is quite simple. It works on solar power and the panels are installed on the roof. A cord links it to an internal unit that can be fitted wherever required. Hence the exact external conditions are replicated inside as it uses direct energy from sunlight to light up the interiors.

In normal skylights, the hatch has to be kept open to bring in external light to the fullest. However, illume is a sealed unit fixed to the wall or roof so the inside is fully protected from dust and insects. The most important gain from this arrangement is that solar power is used to light up the interiors, resulting in lower energy consumption and electricity bills.

The only similarity between illume skylight and the conventional ones is that the extent of lighting in the internal space depends on the prevailing conditions outside. Cloud cover or bright sunlight will have similar effects on both systems.

If you want to install a top of the line illume skylight in your home or office, get in touch with Custom Skylights. We are leading manufacturers of skylights in Australia and our plant at Bayswater makes all components and accessories for different models. Our speciality is manufacturing and installing skylights that are BAL40 certified for bush fire prone areas. All our skylights are maintenance free, durable and do not conduct heat.
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Exclusive and Top End Custom Made Skylights

Every house is different and exclusive, every need specific to the occupants’ needs. Without that special personal touch, a standard living space makes life uncomfortable for the residents. Ambient lighting is one of the most crucial areas effecting living quality. It is natural then, that skylights play an important role in creating ideal living conditions. They light up dark areas like corridors and can cut down on electricity consumption. The challenge with skylights is installing them on varying roofs available. This is the reason custom made skylights are needed, adapting to each roof top style and type.

Skylights can also be used for specific, custom made purposes not readily known by the general public. For example, a fire prone area that is susceptible to bush fires in summers. A fire rated skylight provides a non combustible barrier and are ideal for flat roofs or commercial applications, such as schools, ware houses and factories. During installation, all materials used are fire proof.

Skylights can also face obstructions on the roof above the room it has to be installed. Flex custom made skylight can be used to adapt to the barrier or obstacle. Instead of installing an expensive light shaft, a flex pipe is used around the obstruction. Light from the skylight enters the mirrored surface of the flex and then bounces down to the room. Often clients remark that light reflected through the flex is brighter than that of conventional skylights.

There are two types of skylights– those that can be opened and those that are fixed. Ones that open facilitate greater ventilation in the room and have insect screen guards installed as standard. The glass is double glazed for strength and keeps out harmful UV rays. Skylight blinds are also available in two forms, those remote controlled and the manually operated type.

Custom Skylights should be your first choice when looking for a top of the line skylights. Our website hosts a wide range of options,so you can find one that fits your need exactly. We supply and install skylights to both residential and commercial sectors, for any type of roof. Custom Skylights is an Australian owned and operated company.  All our components, including skylights, domes and accessories, are manufactured locally at our Bayswater plant in accordance with stringent Australian standards. Contact our experts for guidance on how a custom made skylight could solve your lighting requirements.

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Custom Made Skylights to Match Your Needs

SkylightSkylights are an integral part of any house. Not only does it brighten up dark corners and corridors and result in substantial savings in electricity bills, it also results in a warm and aesthetically pleasing indoor environment. Skylights are not standardised, in fact there is a wide range available to meet specific needs of owners of homes and commercial establishments. However, some of the common types of custom made skylights are detailed below –

  • Polycarbonate Thermal Glazed Skylights – The polycarbonate sheet is tough and impact resistant being more than 250 times tougher than float glass and 30 times more than acrylic sheets. These double or triple glazed sheets are UV stabilised and have high thermal insulation properties making them very energy efficient.
  • Hi-Flex Skylights – These are especially installed where there are obstructions outside and a conventional skylight cannot be installed at the exact location required. The flexible shaft can be moved around obstacles and the mirrored inside of the shaft ensures that there is no decrease in the quantum of light. The shaft is made from UV stabilised polyester film or highly reflective aluminium.
  • Circular Skylights – Circular skylights add a touch of class to your internal decor. These are available in double and triple glazing to increase energy efficiencies. The advantage here is that they can be fitted to a square or circular base which can be either colour matched aluminium or zinc. These can be fitted to almost all types of roof profiles. The material absorbs harmful UV rays to almost 99% levels.
  • Fire Rated Skylights – These custom made skylights are especially manufactured for places that are prone to bush fires. It is made of toughened glass and is ideal for setting up on a flat roof like warehouses, commercial buildings and schools. It is strong and durable and does not discolour over a period of time. Since it is made of glass, it can be installed on either side and affords a clear view of the sky.

There are a lot of other versions and models of circular skylights and other custom made skylights and if you want the top high quality ones, get in touch with Custom Skylights. Our skylights are a source of natural light and designed to give a real feel of the outdoors. We are an Australian company with manufacturing facilities at Bayswater manufacturing all components of our skylights including domes, bases and flexi-shafts.

For any type of Skylights to match your specific needs, give us a call.

Skylight Heat Blockers – An energy efficient alternative

Futuristic roof on the exhibition space. Architectural element.

Along with the abundant light of a skylight, comes a need to balance the amount of warm/cool air entering your home. Let’s talk about some options that help balance room temperature while providing just the right amount of natural lighting.

Thermal glazer skylights – Making the choice from the beginning to install polycarbonate thermal glazer skylights is one way to create a substantial energy savings in any air-conditioned/heated building, no matter what the season is. As a bonus, polycarbonate thermal glazer skylights are built to filter out 99.9% of ultraviolet light, protecting your home and family. And did we mention they have excellent fire resistant properties?

Skylight Heat Blockers – These custom covers are a good way to prevent a spike in your utility bills during the hottest times of the year. Designed to cover your skylight externally, they “block” the amount of light and heat that passes through. Don’t worry, they are transparent enough not to overly darken a room, but are not as easily adjustable as most blinds.

Skylight Blinds – If the look of your skylight as well as the ability to change lighting during the day means a great deal to you, then skylight blinds are a very stylish way of filtering out direct sunlight. They do prevent fading of carpets and pillows and reduce heating and cooling costs and being adjustable, skylight blinds grant a greater sense of privacy and cut down on external noise.

Install Convenient Remote Control Skylights

Skylights are an integral part of most homes, not simply to let in daylight and increase the luminosity of a room but also to let out hot stuffy air in a room that rises to the ceiling. In short skylights facilitate good ventilation of an area. Different types of skylights are available which caters to varied needs of householders. Two f the most common are remote control skylights and illume shaftless skylight.

Remote control skylights are very convenient and can be opened or closed at the touch of a button.  The whole unit is operated by a wireless remote control which can even be programmed to open and close at pre-determined times. They also have rain sensors that automatically close if it starts to rain , they are also double glazed glass to stop the heat

Illume shaftless skylight is a quantum leap in skylights technology. There is a solar panel that is attached to the rooftop which provides power to an LED light panel inside the room. It matches the extent of light outside and replicates the same inside increasing and decreasing accordingly. Hence, the exact light outside is inside too without the need for taking out a chunk of the roof for installing a traditional skylight.

If you are looking for a company that offers a wide range of skylights at very affordable prices, get in touch with Custom Skylights. We have our own manufacturing facilities at Bayswater where we make complete units including domes, bases and flexi-shafts under stringent quality control measures. Our specially made Fire Rated Skylights are BAL40 certified to protect homes even in bushfire prone areas. Give us a call with your requirements. If it’s not available off the shelf, we’ll have it customised for you.