This is to say THANK YOU for the lovely service and great product that we have got from you yesterday.

We have Daniel came over for the skylight installation. It happened that our roof top got the ants nest living there and Daniel helped us to spray the area while he did the work. He is a friendly, confident and skilful staff of your company.

The result of putting in the skylight to our dark dark living area made a tremendous change!! The two skylights bring our living area back to life – full of light, bright and adding pictures to the roof (with all the trees, moving clouds, raindrops and ever changing colour of the sky!!! We are sooooo happy for it and very satisfied with your service : ) The whole family loving it much!

Your great service will be highly recommended and greatly appreciated.

Bring darkness to brightness, bring dull to joy!

We wish you all the best.

Cheers & God bless,

Olivia & Vincent
Olivia & Vincent

We are very pleased with the Skylight installation, both you and in particular Chris were most helpful in advising us.

We appreciate Chris’ efforts in running the job across the beams which was a little more difficult.The load bearing beams in the ceiling made it impossible to go directly over the table which we have now moved a little further to the left since the picture were taken.

It is suddenly like a new house !!


John and Olga Walters
John and Olga Walters